Gold, a yellow metal widely used in jewelry and electronics, is also used in photography

It is also found in electronics as scrap, which provides a large portion of the world’s gold supply.

Gold has been used for centuries for its properties of being extremely soft and ductile, malleable and in fact being able to be drawn into wire without any difficulty.

Gold is valued by weight, purity and by assay. Gold coins are still widely circulated, although some countries have replaced them with banknotes.

Gold has been used since ancient times as a form of currency. It is found in every corner of the world and has a long history.

The huge demand for gold has led to its increasing value over the years, making it an attractive investment option for many people.

Gold is considered as the most valuable, rarest and most malleable metal on earth. It was one of the first metals ever used by humans and has been in use for more than 7,500 years now.

Gold is considered as the most valuable and rarest metal on earth. Even today it continues to be a popular choice for goldsmiths, jewelers and other high-end industries due to its unique properties such as ductility and malleability.